Compact Wood

Real wood phenolic panelling

What is Compact Wood?

A solid, decorative, self-supporting wood panel. Available in over 100 species, Compact Wood is Fire Rated Class A (ASTM-84) as standard.

Highly Resistant to chemicals and organic solvents, excellent hygiene characteristics with excellent moisture and water resistance, Compact Wood is simple and quick to fabricate with a high resistance to stress cracking and to termites.

Typical applications include horizontal and vertical solutions such as Wall Cladding Panels, Restroom Cubicles, Lockers, Table and Desk Tops.

Ease of fabrication with outstanding surface and strength properties combine to make Compact Wood the real wood sheet solution for all wood applications.

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Project Gallery

Project Gallery

Unique Qualities

  • Solid Performance

    Real wood fused within phenolic and melamine sheets to provide uncompromising impact resistance

  • Impervious to water

    Tested to the most demanding specifications, Compact Wood even withstands 48 hours in boiling water!

  • Structural Stability

    Excellent dimensional stability and flatness, perfect for horizontal and vertical applications.

  • Hygienic Performance

    Virtually impervious to cleaning agents and chemicals, the perfect solution for food safe surfaces.

  • Durability

    High resistance to stress cracking and outstanding strength and machinability combine to make Compact Wood the real building board solution for all wood applications.

  • Fire rated

    Class 'A' Fire Rated and tested to comply with US, Canadian, European and Asian Fire Test standards