Compact Wood imposes greater demands on cutting tools and causes greater wear than traditional wood veneered substrates. Slower feed-speeds than those generally used for cutting laminate faced composite boards are required. The degree of feed speed reduction will depend on the thickness of the laminate and the quality of finish required.

Tool manufacturers should be consulted as to the type and quality of tungsten carbide tipping (TCT) to provide the best performance. Where long production runs are contemplated and where a high-quality finish is required, it is worth considering PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) tooling.

In all machine processes, localised heating caused by poorly maintained saws and cutters must be avoided.

Panels should be cut with the long edge parallel to the length of the sheet. Dimensional movement across the width of the sheet is twice as great as it is along the length, so cutting panels with the long dimension running across the width of the sheet will greatly increase the risk of bowing.

It is recommended that Compact panels be cut along the length of the panel whenever possible.

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