Compact Wood should be stored in enclosed warehouses where normal interior conditions (18-25°C and 50-60% relative humidity) are maintained. Compact Wood will remain flat if stored horizontally in packs on a flat base board. Insure the edges of each sheet in a pack or stack are flush with one another.

The base board must be dry and it should be covered with a material impervious to water, to act as a moisture barrier. The top sheet of each stack should also be covered with a moisture barrier/cover board, with sufficient weight to remain flat and in contact with the whole surface area of the top sheet of Compact Wood.

This procedure should be maintained throughout their storage (whether in a warehouse or on the fabrication shop floor) and reinstated whenever a sheet is removed from the stack.

If Compact Wood sheets are not stored flat for any length of time, deformation can result which will be almost impossible to rectify, particularly with thicker boards. When materials are brought into a workshop from temperatures or humidity levels different from ambient (e.g. after delivery), they should be allowed to stabilise before fabrication. Usually a minimum of seven days is required.

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