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Prime all surfaces (including oil-based paint, oil-based primers and latex or oil-based stain-kill coatings) with specified primers listed below. Prime all surfaces according to manufacturer’s directions. For best results, apply primer with a roller and leave to cure for at least 2 daysbefore installing SanFoot.

Please consult with Inspired Surfaces Limited before proceeding with any unusual conditions.

The use of the primer will prevent the adhesive from being excessively absorbed into the drywall and stop dry pockets, plus a primer promotes strippability to SanFoot. Moisture content in the wall substrate should be in a range of 7% to 9% or less. Check with a moisture meter if necessary.

If a situation is encountered where the walls were previously painted or primed, the surface should be lightly sanded to break the seal prior to applying an approved primer. One test strip of SanFoot should be hung to assure a strong bond between the existing paint/primer and the primer before proceeding with the installation.

Any failure caused by the existing painted / primed surface is the responsibility of the installing contractor and not of Inspired Surfaces Limited.

The following acrylic primers are approved for use with SanFoot:

Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer Sealer by Zinsser Co.

Recommended over wood composite board - Over painted surfaces or where primer needs to be tinted.

Perma White Interior Primer by Zinsser Co.

Over new or clean drywall or where mould and mildew is a concern.

Gardz High Performance Sealer by Zinsser Co.

Use over damaged drywall, loose paint or chalky surfaces.

Pro-935 (R 35) by Roman Decorating Products

For use over new or clean drywall.

Pro-977 (Ultra Primer) by Roman Decorating Products

For use over drywall or plaster walls showing loose paint or chalky surfaces.

Do not use alkyd/oil base primers with SanFoot Real Wood Veneer Wallcovering.


Use the following approved clay-based adhesives with SanFoot:

SureGrip 134 Clay-Based Strippable Wallcovering Adhesive by Zinsser Co.

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