Product Overview

What is Traffic|Wall?

Traffic|Wall is an architectural wall lining system, designed for the demands of high traffic public spaces where there is a requirement for a robust, interior wall cladding solution.

Comprising of a two key elements, specified composite panelling and a concealed galvanised Steel framework, the system is suitable for both new build projects and refurbishment schemes across various industry sectors.

A parametric, modular design provides Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors with a specification driven system, simple to assemble and install on any site.

With multiple composite panel types available and a wide capability of panel configurations, Traffic|Wall has a number of unique performance qualities and benefits which include:

- ASIAD Compliance

- Fire Ratings

- Impact Resistance

- Self Healing Properties

- Architectural Acoustics

The system has a 2 stage installation process consistings of the setting out, assembly and installation of the concealed framework on site, whilst the specified composite panelling is manufactured off site and delivered on a 'just in time' program.

Typical Module

Traffic|Wall is a modular wall cladding solution fit for various industry sectors, each with different wall lining performance requirements such as security, fire ratings, acoustic sounds absorption and accessibility.

The typical module size and panel configuration is defined at concept design stage, to maximise the material yield of the specified composite panelling, in line with desired aesthetics and functionality.

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